Beth M. Emmett
Beth M. Emmett

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Exciting Progress

I did an earlier post about a bedroom makeover and I'm very happy to announce that my first pillow is done! Well, the hard part is done.

I was gone all last week skiing so I didn't get to go to week 6 of Natalia Bonner's Mystery Quilt but I did get my block finished from the previous week once I got home.

My ski week was also a little bit productive, I finished a project I was assigned last year. Ann is going to make all her grand-daughters Easter dresses and she wanted a little cross stitch with their initial on it so here they are.
These were the originals, the only three girls at that time, but since last year my sister and I each had another girl so here is a picture with the names of our 7 mo. olds. They are two days apart...
and I ran out of floss!

Mom should have done them last year and she would have only had to sew 3. Thankfully she draws the line at making clothes for boys or else she'd have 3 little boy babies to make for as well. That's right folks Ann McEuen had 5 grandbabies born within 5 months in 2010. Three of them were within one week! Mines the baby with no hair on the right.


  1. That is such a great picture!!! So fun! Love your pillows and projects!

  2. Way to go BETH!!!!!!!! That pillow is ADORABLE!!! All you McEuen girls AMAZE me!!!