Beth M. Emmett
Beth M. Emmett

Friday, February 4, 2011

So Many Great Things

Kathleen Whiting won McCall's Next Quilt Design Star with her final quilt entry, "It's For The Birds."

She worked so hard during this contest and every quilt she did was made with the greatest care and, well, love. All of the ladies at Seasons of Home were practically jumping up and down with joy when we heard the news.

Now on to other interesting things this week. I've had a super productive week so I'm really happy to be able to blog about it finally. Well, first off I didn't get my mystery block of the week done because I was busy in SLC getting this...

My very first mini van! All of you mothers out there will, I'm sure, share my excitement. DVD, XM, wireless headphones, a cooling drawer, 15 cupholders! I hope Honda reads this and decides to give me something cool, but regardless, I love this van!

But to reassure everyone, my block is almost done so I plan on being caught up by next Tuesday.

Another great thing came out of this week. I made my beautiful baby girl a beautiful baby coat. Sewing clothes is fun and the outcome can be adorable. Isabel was a fan but she could only wear it for a minute because there was still a pin in it where I needed a button. Once I get the buttons on it'll be complete. It was a pretty fast project and the whole time I was doing it I was super excited so it seemed to go even faster.


  1. You're awesome Beth! I love how excited you are about your new van!!! :)

  2. I love the little coat. It and your baby are adorable!