Beth M. Emmett
Beth M. Emmett

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Beginner Take It Away!

My last beginning sewing class was a lot of fun and my students were absolutely wonderful. Cyndi Mansur in particular seemed to take to it like a duck to water. Her seams were as close to perfect as you could get and I was really impressed. She came into the store yesterday and shared this...

She used three of the blocks we did in our sampler runner and figured out one more block to make it four, did a small green border around each four block section and sashed it in bright red. This is a wedding present for her son and it's absolutely beautiful. She picked these same fabrics for her table runner and used the skills that were taught in my class, just on a larger scale. She said she just stuck to things she knew she could do and WOW!!!

She has already started doing her own thing, an idea that most quilters really love. Sometimes it's actually hard for me to follow a pattern! I was at my quilt retreat for Heber Valley Quilters Guild last weekend and Tricia Mathis, an awesome quilt designer (she's on said she hasn't followed a pattern in years. Cyndi made this queen sized quilt using the pattern for a small table runner. I love it!

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