Beth M. Emmett
Beth M. Emmett

Monday, April 9, 2012

Car Seat Fabulous

I had to do it. My baby threw up in her carseat and, strangely enough, I considered it a great opportunity. So I took it apart completely, always something of a jigsaw and did some creative magic on it. I had put the butterfly ribbon (which is at Seasons of Home) on during a previous bout of optimism but you only have one night before you have to get it back in the car.

The soft grey stuff was on it and looks great so I just decided to cover the rather cheesy pink floral with this great fabric (I don't have a before picture darn it). I actually had to hand applique the fabric to the bottom seat. My fingers are still tender because my thimble was somewhere else and there's plastic in many parts of the cover which can surprise you and make you stick your finger. Anyway, yay it's done.

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