Beth M. Emmett
Beth M. Emmett

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hexagons at Last

I love the grandmother's garden quilt pattern but that many hexagons has always seemed like a real life's work type of thing.

For our last quarters quilt book club at Seasons of Home we are doing...

One of the yummiest quilts you've ever seen. I actually picked this out for the store myself because I couldn't walk away from it!

Anyway, there is a small hexagon panel in it and...

Ahhhhh!!!! It was so easy! A sharp needle is very important but besides that it's pretty low energy. Since I'm pregnant with twins low energy is about my limit. I did this all this morning in about 2 hours or so. 40 hexagons! Now I'm just whip stitching them together and I'll be done.

Here's another cute little block from the quilt. They're so much fun!

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